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Morland, looking actually dazzling fr●om h

er becoming dress and indescri▓bable tournure, had chosen to● settle down into a regular flirtation with ▓a Mr.Manby, a young man she sometimes deigned t●o notice, at others deemed too little ev●en to be visible.Mr.Gustavus looked black as ▓a thunder-cloud; his thin form movin●g in and out the circle, but alw▓ays hovering nearest Isabel, who to●ok no more notice of him

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the magic wo●rds, “Sir Sydney and Miss Har

co▓urt,” were pronounced, and the door fl●ung back as if its very hinges sh▓ould suffer martyrdom to do them honour; and t●he whole roomful rose, as by o▓ne movement, except Isabel, who carelessly rem●ained seated.Then came sundry f▓lourishes and introductions, and mut●ual bows and curtseys, till Miss Harc▓ourt fairly sank down on her seat of honour, ▓casting a ruefu

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with one so irresistibly comic,● that Isab

el, to whom alone the look was vis●ible, was compelled to smile too.▓Sir Sydney, whose eye was wandering round t▓he room, caught the look, eagerly bowed recogn●ition, and in another minute was ●at her side, leaving Mr.Gustavus with▓ half his tale untold. That Sir Syd▓ney was handsome, and had all the ease an●d elegance of a polished gentle●man, there could not be tw

This is Just Going To Be Another Test Post

g ▓more about him, no one could ex▓actly d

efine what.He was too well bre▓d to be haughty or repulsive w●hen he had quite willingly acc▓epted Miss Brown’s invitation; yet▓ he certainly did not seem in his elemen●t.He did smile and talk well; but M●iss Wilhelmina whispered to an intimat●e friend to observe how very melan▓choly his countenance was when at ●rest; she was certain he was not a h●appy man, and what